Air Quality

 Peace & Quiet Airflow System   

The original air filtration system for floating. 

Passive air systems rely on different air temperatures to function correctly, creating an airflow that fluctuates. This instability is the cause of uncomfortable, stuffy, and hard to breath float tank air. 

With the Peace and Quiet Airflow System, every breath is a breath of fresh air. Not only does it stabilize the optimal airflow, it cleans the air too. 

Floating is an investment, doesn't it make sense to have the best air quality? 

The Peace and Quiet...a breath of fresh air.

Pick a package that works for you! 

All packages come with a 30 day satisfaction guarantee


Upgrade your order with no additional shipping costs! Limit one upgrade per one Peace and Quiet ordered.

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Replaces a non-operational fan fast.


  • 1 Free Flow Fan
    UL, RoHS, 7.5+ years life rating
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Surgical room rated air for up to a year. 


  • 1 UL Pleated Air Filter
  • 3 UL Carbon Air Filters
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- Specifications -

UL Listed Carbon Air Filter
Arrives sealed, resealable, easy to change. (Replace 1-3 months)

UL Listed Pleated Air Filter
High quality, high rated, easy to change. (Replace 3-6 months)

UL Listed Flexible Air Connector
10', insulated, restricts sound, eliminates light. (Clamps included)

UL Listed Low Voltage Power Supply 
6' power cord, speed control up to 50+ CFM (100-240v AC or USB)

UL Listed RoHS Fan Motor
1 year warranty, life expectancy rating exceeds 7.5 years.



Gabriel | SUMMUS
A must if you want the best for your clients. 

We have the clean air system running in our float spa that was custom built by the Float Tank Shop and my father. The tank would not be what it is without the air system. Most people are so concerned with the quality of water, that they overlook the air. This is a huge variable as it can also effect the water quality. My clients breath the cleanest air possible.
Thank you Float Tank Shop! 

Jay Ziebarth | Zee Floats
Game Changer 

I run a busy Float studio in Ontario, Canada with three different float tanks. I love my Oasis tank but the air has always been a problem, clients continually mention the "stuffiness" of the tank. It's something I've wanted to remedy for a while so when I saw the Peace and Quiet system I thought I'd give it a shot. 

I can say the system made a remarkable difference in air quality inside the tank. Our staff members were blown away by how clean the air was, noting it felt like they were breathing outside air instead of the usual stuffy float environment. The fan itself is so quiet that I actually thought it wasn't working at first, I had to remove the duct piping and feel the air moving to believe it. 

This is a must have for any float centre, air quality is paramount to a great float and this system delivers. I will be purchasing two more for my other tanks.
Bravo Float Tank Shop!