Float Scepter

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Float Scepter

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For novelty use only. Never bring glass into a float tank area. 

  • Fits most automotive hydrometers

  • Preserves life of float

  • Ambidextrous design

  • Safely contains debris

  • Made from renewable resources (plants)

  • 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

    - Glass hydrometer not included -

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Dip it to the dots  

The Float Scepter secures the float so it does not have to be removed from the Float Scepter. This preserves the life of the float by providing increased protection from accidental breakage. If the float breaks while the top is secured the Float Scepter will contain the debris. 

Simply dip it to the dots, keep level for a few seconds, and you have mastered the Float Scepter!  

For novetly use only. 

Vertical Scepter Master.png

"I have been loving mine"
Jeff S. 

"I've used the Float Scepter since I opened Serenus, have had no problems at all. Easy to use and easy to clean, and I like that it's case is always around it."
Joeseph G. 


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