Float Scepter

Certical Scepter Master.png
Certical Scepter Master.png

Float Scepter

  • Preserves life of glass float hydrometers
  • Glass float hydrometer included
  • Quick and accurate readings (1.175 - 1.3 S.G.)
  • Ambidextrous design
  • Accepts multiple hydrometer sizes
  • Safely contains debris
  • Made from renewable resources (plants)
  • 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee
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Dip it to the dots

There are a variety of hydrometer styles but it seems none of them fit for floating. The squeeze top hydrometers rarely produce the same reading twice, and the glass float hydrometers are like a magnet for hard flooring! 

To conquer this challenge FTS developed the Float Scepter. The Float Scepter is a tool that works as a specific gravity measuring device and acts as a guardian for the glass float. Providing a safe, convenient, and accurate reading with every test.    

The Float Scepter secures the glass float so it does not have to be removed from the the Float Scepter. This preserves the life of the glass float by providing increased protection from accidental breakage.

In addition, the Float Scepter will contain broken glass floats, making disposal a cinch. Simply twist off the top, empty debris in trash, and slide a new glass float in. Clean, convenient, and the Float Scepter accepts multiple glass float sizes. 

Simply dip it to the dots, keep level for a few seconds, and you have mastered the Float Scepter!  



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