These comforting sensory deprivation float tanks are a great way to get a high quality experience at an affordable price. With slip resistant floors, beautiful blue finish, and sealed finished product, you are set up for success. 

Each tank is made from 6 interlocking panels that seal  air/water tight. In addition, each panel is backed by strong support beams, and the tub is heavily reinforced with an extra composite layer. These are high quality float tanks that stand the test of time. Measuring 5 ft wide x 7 ft 9 in long x 7 ft high on the inside for easy accommodation.

The composite is excellent for blocking sound and containing heat,. Upgrade with a Peace and Quiet System  and eliminate condensation. 

Main requirements are finishing the outside walls, adding a source of heat, and covering basic details. 


Buy two rooms with filtration kits for $12,500 total.
Without filtration kits $11,500