It all started when...

a three hour road trip to float turned into a life changing experience. At the time there were only a couple dozen float centers available in the United States. We arrived at the center, picked our room, showered, and we were floating! 

Almost immediately time entered into the equation ...when do you hear the knock to get out? It became apparent that floating had to be done without time limits to understand its true potential. Problem was, the closest center was 3 hours away, and buying a tank was too expensive. 

Building a float tank seemed like the best option, how hard could it be? Well, we found out, and there were many learning curves along the way. We built our first tank only to find ways to improve it. Then we built another, and another, and another, it just kept going.  

Today FTS has built over a half dozen models, upgrading along the way, optimizing each design to enhance the floating experience. We have had the pleasure of working with and getting to know experts in a full spectrum of fields.

Our love for floating has taken us on an amazing journey, and we are grateful to share what is emerging with you.  

Thank you for your interest,
David Arndt
Float Tank Shop LLC